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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 11:41 AM


Apply by clicking Join Request on the left panel on the front page,
whilst supplying the following information:

1 - Link to your completed application
2 - Name of Character
3 - Homeroom Class
4 - Horoscope Sign


Greetings everyone! It's been a year since we last opened for student application submissions!

★ We will be open for applications from September 15th - 30th.

Please read all stickied journals thoroughly and be accurate with your information. We may answer your inquiries but there will be no app checks!

A few reminders to prospective members:

- Wear proper uniform. Please be precise with logo placements and overall uniform patterns/designs.

- Be creative but clear with your character description. HH is a school specializing in stars/astronomy, so be sure to tell us why/how your character enrolled in such a school!

- We seek to accept more non-foreign students than foreign ones. HH is a Japanese school, afterall!

- Avoid having similar names with other existing students. Check this journal for a complete list. (Ctrl+F is an amazing tool.)

- We seek to balance between the grades and star signs distributions. You can check out the class distribution in the journals to see which class/club is emptier - less crowded ones may have a better chance of accepting you!

- You can choose sports/dorm room after you have been accepted.

- Most questions can be answered by looking into the journals. Please do that first before you raise a question!

Please note that this will likely be our group's final enrollment. If you'd like to enter HH, you are advised to grasp this opportunity! :D

Good luck, everyone! :iconluvluvplz:


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 1:03 PM

One solemn morning greeted the cold end of what was once a pleasant start of summer holidays.

The gymnasium hall, occupied by rows of students in an assembly to welcome the return of school days, was eerily silent as the principal's speech spoke grace of the two female students - one of which passed and the other never found, during an unfortunate incident over the summer.

That day the students faced their fellow schoolmates, Inaba Mana, and Mitsuhashi Jun in mere portraits and loving memories.

...The autumn winds breathed a quiet nostalgia just outside the gymnasium doors...

[image source: Edenized]


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 7:52 PM


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) confirmed in the recent news report that the peak for Epsilon Pegasids, expected brightest meteor shower this year, is expected to take place between 12 PM and 1 AM on FRIDAY, July 11TH.

Epsilon Pegasids: The much anticipated meteor shower of the year has been all the rage on TV since before summer vacation began.

With the recent headlines in Astronomical news, the staff of Hoshizora High has agreed to take this opportunity to not only give their students a chance to view this breathtaking scene, but to also familiarise with the newly appointed staff and teachers on a night trip to Tsukushi Mountain (土獅山).

E V E N T . L O G

Intro ★ 7:30~9:15 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

20 Minutes ★ 9:15~9:35 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Mountains ★ 9:35~9:50 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

The Strays ★ 9:50~10:15 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

The Teachers ★ 10:15~10:30 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Burnt ★ 10:30~10:50 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Crossings ★ 10:50~11:15 p.m.
Chat-I Log

The Heroes ★ 11:15~11:40 p.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Hope ★ 11:40 p.m.~12:00 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Hush of Night ★ 12:00~12:25 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Starry Sky ★ 12:25~12:45 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Signal ★ 12:45~1:15 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

The Rollcall ★ 1:15~2:10 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log

Break of Dawn ★ 2:10~6:00 a.m.
Chat-I Log | Chat-II Log


Event Scenario: Evening Friday, July 11th

OOC Event duration: 2 Weeks

RP sessions will be held in our group chats throughout the two weeks, regardless of timezones. ***For this event, you may NOT RP outside of our group chats.***

For drawings related to the event, you may submit them to the EVENTS folder.

Hint: This is a highly recommended event.

[image source: asahirureiko]

★ ★ ★


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 8, 2014, 5:40 AM

March 8-9th

A Teachers & Staffs exclusive event will be held in the Main chat & RP chat this weekend!
Teachers & Staffs are welcomed to drop by, and Students are free to lurk and cameo!

RPs will be held in the chatrooms throughout the weekend, regardless of timezones. Of course, you may choose to RP the event elsewhere at your own leisure. For gallery submissions related to the event, you may submit them to the EVENTS folder.

[image source: asahirureiko]

★ ★ ★


Journal Entry: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 6:15 AM

Check out the...

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